Monday, November 5, 2007

Washington Auction

I am just finishing up a piece for an auction for Candlelighters. This one is interesting, they are auction off hope chests to raise funds for dealing with childhood cancer. We were all give various types of wooden boxes/chests to adorn as we see fit. Holly is doing one a well. I am actually doing a group project on this. My brother John is a woodworker and he is making a small cabinet with spots for two panels. My father and I each paint a panel and they become part of the cabinet. Here is an example of one of our past works that sold at Masters Gallery in Calgary.

This was the first one we did for a gallery on Saltspring Island.

So how this works on my end is that dad sends me a picture of a painting that he has started for the box, then I try and come up with a complementary design that uses my style and subject matter. Here is what dad has sent for this one.

I will post my addition once it's done and then post the picture of the completed piece once its assembled.